Net4 Solutions exists to provide outstanding services to companies who wish to extend their business systems within their organizations and especially to their customers and partners. Net4Solutions specializes in building custom web applications. The company does not build static web sites, but rather provides rich user interfaces to server databases that streamline and extend its clients business processes.

Sonic mobility develops, and sells innovative wireless and voice interface solutions that empower distributed workforces, system administrators, remote sales and service teams, and mobile business professionals.

Anduro Technologies provides solid search engine marketing strategies designed to increase the visibility of a company, its website and the products and services it offers.

Zaio originates real estate photo content through mass photography of entire cities. Zaio infrastructure also provides for a smooth transition of images to the Internet. Photographs are used for a range of appraisal applications such as taxation, insurance and real estate. Community/vertical portals and newspapers also use the picture to drive local business. Zaio recognizes that print media and portals control the viewing audience and therefore has incorporated them into the overall business plan and revenue models. Now portals and newspapers have their much needed photography services and participate in additional revenue as Zaio franchisees perform site specific virtual tours and other photo data collection assignments.

ZyMeta Corporation is a knowledge-based technology company specializing in the development and manufacturing of next generation digital media promotion systems targeted at the music recording and music vending industry.

Calsim is a software development company that builds, licenses and sells proprietary customized software based upon open architecture and seamless integration with global enterprise software systems. The Company is focused on managing the complexity of fulfillment of custom manufactured products specifically designed, configured, manufactured and delivered by OEM’s and their dealers to meet the precise needs of their industrial end user clients.

Grayling Wireless is a product innovation company that develops and markets innovative wireless communications solutions for global industrial and public safety markets. The Company’s flagship product is branded "ClearCalm” a wireless, hands-free, voice-activated system that dramatically improves safety communication and is ideally suited for personnel using Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) including firefighters, hazardous material teams, industry emergency response teams and military personnel.

XSENSOR Pressure Mapping Systems are used worldwide by clinicians, industrial designers, seating development specialists, manufacturers and researchers to map interface pressures between any two surfaces quickly, accurately, and display the interface pressure data in real time are key features of XSENSOR. KinetiQ was engaged to assist XSensor exploit the use of their system with commercial mattress manufacturers and retail mattress stores to design, sell and service mattresses in the retail and hospitality markets.

Pan Terra delivers innovative site renewal solutions in commercial, industrial and municipal markets that are fuelled by: aging surface and underground infrastructure, emerging demand for trenchless excavation solutions and increasingly strong demand for environmental services.