KinetiQ was established in 2000. It earns income and equity in companies by providing high impact go-to-market services to clients located around the world. It is a business-to-business Professional Services and Asset Portfolio company that employ a team of experts to rapidly accelerate emerging or established companies.

We Focus On Execution

KinetiQ clients are Smart, Fast Moving Companies with outstanding growth potential that require strategic acceleration and professional execution resources. They are generally seeking to leverage technology, but they are not necessarily technology companies.

It's all about acceleration. Many companies have less than 24 months in which to become category leaders before opportunity windows close because competitors have filled the emerging space or their technology has been surpassed. Others are profitable but not growing. Others have owners with no exit strategy or planned liquidity event.

KinetiQ works with clients to move them to increase performance through improving their marketing, business development, and sales execution.

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